Sponsor: SPFX Tattoo

Please check out the artist from SPFX Tattoo. All three are multi award winners. Victoria, their apprentice, has won awards for best apprentice tattoo, lettering, and best cartoon tattoo. Josh is an amazing black and grey artist who has won numerous awards for his smooth black and grey is and realistic animal portraits. Geoff has received multiple awards in best color, portrait, realism, and coverups in many different styles. He is one of the best color realism/portrait artist in the valley, and his attention to detail is amazing. This shop has it all! We are so thankful to of met these guys and are excited they are sponsoring our show be sure to check out their work on Facebook @specialeffects tattoo


Instagram: @bunny_spfxtat24u

Instagram: @joshgarloch

Instagram: @geoff_spfxtat24u