Sponsor: SPFX Tattoo

Please check out the artist from SPFX Tattoo. All three are multi award winners. Victoria, their apprentice, has won awards for best apprentice tattoo, lettering, and best cartoon tattoo. Josh […]

Featured Artist: Chynna El-Ayazra

Award Winning Artist Instagram: ChynnaJade.tattoos

Featured Artist: Joe Capone

Season 1 Ink Master Angels Instagram: joecapone412

Featured Artist: Geoff OBrien

This year we are very excited to have Geoff OBrien as a featured artist, he is a multi award-winning artist that specializes in color realism, portraits, coverups and black and […]

Featured Artist: Dragon Edong

Since 1980 A multi-awarded Artist. Western Pacific’s most renowned Tattoo Artist, specialized in Japanese Tebori and Filipino handtapping known as “Batek” . Pacific Islands Finest and now resides in Florida. […]